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Real Estate Management.

Our collaboration with different real estate firms such as Univers Proyectos Inmobiliarios and Artesonado has allowed for successful capital-raising and has permitted us to learn more about the building process. We continue to expand our knowledge in order to offer our clients a quality service that integrates different phases and various fields that are included in the building process, while always searching for the perfect balance between design, quality, and profitability.

Ireval offers solutions to meet the needs of businesses that have experienced internal restructuring due to the current economic climate, and helps cut through the red tape that must be dealt with nowadays.

Based on our star qualities of flexibility, efficiency, speed, and local presence, we successfully deliver to the specific needs put forward by each organization.


  •   Analyze viability of projects.
  •   Providing support to foreign companies with projects inside Spanish territory, such as local agents, making sure their projects comply with Spanish law, acting as an intermediary with intervening organizations.
  •   Assist in raising capital: we study, analyze, and design investment dossiers that are best adapted to each client’s profile
  •   Market analysis for investing/divesting.
  •   Marketing of real estate products.
  •   Acting as intermediary for sale of property.
  •   Obtaining building occupancy permits.
  •   Obtaining operation and use permits.