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Technical Team Specializing in Transportation Hubs

  •   Technical team specializing in,
    drafting, design, consulting, and project management in underground as well as ground level transportation hubs.
  •   Development of large-scale projects
    with the Regional Transportation Consortium of Madrid.
  •   Managing and channeling
    each means of movement through interconnected transport hubs: underground, light rail, urban bus lines, regional bus lines, and car and taxi parking (marking different platforms for urban and regional services).
  •   Project Budget control.
  •   Relationships
    with the largest bus companies in Spain. Understanding their needs in organizing buses, parking, administering fuel, cleaning the buses, and their basic strategies. Knowledge of entire fleet including size, type of access, wheelbase, etc.
  •   Project management to achieve targets on time.
  •   Experienced negotiators
    in terms of revenue-earning potential and maintenance costs, income based on volume of buses as well as revenue earned from third party companies (advertisers, etc.), as well as expenditures derived from use and maintenance.
  •   Management tasks between private and public entities and construction companies.
    Channeling needs, decision-making, collaboration with building company Dragados, ACS Group (specialists in transportation hubs.
  •   Analysis
    of building process in order to maximize cost-benefit differential as well as payment deferral during construction.
  •   Projects.
    Determining corresponding traffic detours and use of public motorways and sidewalks.
  •   Urban public space design.
    Strategic points, squares, journeys between specific points, parking and rest areas, access to transportation hubs.
  •   Performance analysis
    required for the passenger’s comfort and security, wait times, distance to platforms and vehicle security as well as passenger zone safety.
  •   Knowledge of the combination of bus and pedestrian traffics,
    in order to avoid areas of excessive combined traffic and endangering passengers; safety level and controls for all passengers.
  •   Analysis of transportation hub evacuations
    in case of fire; exhaustive means implemented in order to prevent fires.
  •   Knowledge of specialized software put in place in order to monitor movement of large vehicles,
    Turn radii, scanning bus queue area and bus height.
  •   Proficiency in architectural language
    for handicapped (blind and physically impaired), overcoming architectural impediments
  •   Widespread familiarity with building tunnels
    if necessary in an urban environment.
  •   Platform distribution.
    Ascending, descending, and regulating use.